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Real name: Amy Jade Winehouse. Biography of Amy Winehouse & facts: Contents1 The Amy Winehouse.


Amy Jade Winehouse aka Amy biography

Amy Winehouse birth name:Amy Jade Winehouse
Amy Winehouse birthday1983-09-14
Amy Winehouse home townSouthgate, London, UK.
Amy Winehouse assetsOriginal Hairstyle, Silky smooth voice, Tattoos.
Amy Winehouse vicesAlchool,Drugs,Tattoos
Amy Winehouse height161 cm
Amy Winehouse jobSinger.
Amy Winehouse hobbiesPool.
Amy Winehouse ethnicityWhite
Amy Winehouse breast size30
Amy Winehouse waist size20
Amy Winehouse hips size30
Amy Winehouse mottoThey tried to make me go to rehab. I said pass the crack pipe!
Real biography: Contents1 The Amy Winehouse Biography: Introduction2 The Beginning of Her Biography3 The Music, the Albums, and More4 Amy Ties the Knot5 The Ups and Downs of Marriage6 Her Biography Continued7 The Tour and Health Issues8 The Future for Her Music if (window.showTocToggle) { var tocShowText = "show"; var tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle(); } The Amy Winehouse Biography: Introduction

Amy Jade Winehouse is an English soul and jazz singer. Her debut album, Frank, was nominated for the Mercury Prize, which is usually reserved for anything Radiohead puts out, and occasionally the Super Furry Animals. The singer’s unfortunate bulimia, as well as her drug and alcohol problems became regular tabloid fodder in 2007. In turn, the tabloids inspired many to become bulimic, and start ingesting drugs and alcohol in copious amounts.

The Beginning of Her Biography

Amy Winehouse was born in the Southgate area of London to a family with a history of jazz musicians – an anomaly in an area primarily populated by chimney sweeps and Dickensian street urchins.

At age ten, she founded a short-lived rap group called Sweet 'n' Sour, which, we’d like to think, was an Asian tribute to Salt n’ Pepa. She received her first guitar when she was thirteen. She signed to her current record label Island/Universal under Simon Fuller’s management company 19 Management.

The Music, the Albums, and More

Her debut album, Frank, was released in October of 2003. Many songs had jazz-influences and, apart from two covers, every song was co-written by Winehouse. The album received positive reviews and brought comparisons of her voice to like likes of Macy Gray. The prospects of doing a Target commercial jumped 1000%.

Her second album, Back to Black, went to number one on the UK albums chart numerous times, and entered at number seven on the Billboard 200. This was the highest debut entry for an album by a British female solo artist, only to be outdone two weeks later by Joss Stone who debuted at number two with Introducing Joss Stone. Winehouse took solace in the fact that she could beat the crap out of Stone.

Winehouse's wardrobe on her recent UK tour was sponsored by the clothing label Gio-Goi, and it has recently been rumored that she is to become the face of the label's 2007 Women's wear collection following in the footsteps of the Libertine’s Pete Doherty, who is the face of menswear. This would mark the first time that a line of clothing has actively sought out the poster children for substance abuse as its spokespeople. Maybe someone can learn a little something about marketing from the good folks at Benetton.

Amy Ties the Knot

Since her rise to fame, she has been the subject of much media attention. On May 18, 2007 she married Blake Fielder-Civil in an unannounced ceremony in Miami. The marriage came as a surprise to fans and even family as the two had split two years earlier, the break-up inspiring several of the songs on Back to Black (the rest of the songs were inspired by the Dudley Moore film, Arthur).

The Ups and Downs of Marriage

Though they seem fiercely attached to each other, the couple has definitely had their ups and downs. Rumors of abuse have swirled around the couple when they both appeared with scratches and bruises on their bodies, but the couple denies that they harmed each other.

Her Biography Continued

Winehouse’s career has been marked by both great achievement and intense personal problems. At only 24 years old, she’s won numerous Winehouse’s career has been marked by both great achievement and intense personal problems. At only 24 years old, she’s won numerous awards, including five Grammy Awards in 2007, but she’s also seen her husband go to prison for an attack on a pub owner, and been to the hospital several times.

The Tour and Health Issues

In late 2007, she tried to tour, but ended up being booed by many of her own fans, causing her to cancel the tour for the rest of the year. She has since been plagued by health problems that are reported to be directly related to her continual drug use. Though she spent a short amount of time in rehab in 2008, many are still worried about the state of her health. It was recently announced that she is suffering from emphysema thought to be caused by drug use and smoking. Her father has made a very public effort to help his daughter regain her health.

The Future for Her Music

She likes to collaborate with other performers now and then, and has appeared with the likes of Prince and Charlotte Church. Despite her troubles, there are many more artists who have expressed interest in working with her, including Missy Elliot. Currently, she’s reportedly working on a third album while waiting for her husband to get out of prison.

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