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Real name: Amy Lysle Smart. Biography of Amy Smart & facts: IntroductionSure, her co-star Ali.


Amy Lysle Smart aka Amy biography

Amy Smart birth name:Amy Lysle Smart
Amy Smart birthday1976-03-26
NicknameSmarty Pants
Amy Smart home townTopanga Canyon, CA.
Amy Smart assetsBeautiful blonde, but seems down to earth.
Amy Smart vicesCaramel Popcorn
Amy Smart height168 cm
Amy Smart jobActress, Model.
Amy Smart hobbiesDecorating.
Amy Smart ethnicityWhite
Amy Smart breast size34
Amy Smart waist size24
Amy Smart hips size33
Amy Smart mottoThere's something about blonds that triggers a lightheartedness. People can't take you seriously. Brunettes are more mysterious
Real biography: Introduction

Sure, her co-star Ali Larter had the famous whipped cream scene, but Amy Smart helped make the other scenes in Varsity Blues enjoyable, thanks to her good looks and feisty attitude.

Life Story

Smart started out as a fashion model, traveling across Europe when she was 16-years old. She soon found small amounts of acting work in movies like Starship Troopers (Denise Richards), and Dee Snyder's horror flick Strangeland. In 1999, Smart played Jules Harbor in the surprise hit Varsity Blues. This role helped open doors for the young actress, and she was next offered work in ABC mini-series The 70's. Her new found fame also found her memorable guest roles on shows like Felicity (Keri Russell, Amy Jo Johnson), and Scrubs (Sarah Chalke, Heather Graham).She has also provided voices for the Cartoon Network hit Robot Chicken, and appeared as series regular Annie on the recently canceled show Smith.

Her latest film is the 2008 horror movie Mirrors with Keifer Sutherland. Other projects on the horizon are Life in Flight, Seventh Moon, Love N' Dancing, and the sequel to Crank; Crank 2: High Voltage. Sexy photos involving Amy's exposed ass and chest while filming a scene for Crank 2 have made their way on the net.

For those thinking about dating Smart, you should know she's engaged to her boyfriend of the past 12 years. Talk about milking the cow.

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