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Real name: Amy Hunter. Biography of Amy Hunter & facts: Amy Hunter has had roles on a number of.


Amy Hunter aka Amy biography

Amy Hunter birth name:Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter birthday1966-05-05
Amy Hunter home townBoston, MA.
Amy Hunter assets
Amy Hunter vices
Amy Hunter height178 cm
Amy Hunter jobActress.
Amy Hunter hobbies
Amy Hunter ethnicityBlack
Amy Hunter breast size
Amy Hunter waist size
Amy Hunter hips size
Amy Hunter mottoPlease help complete this profile
Real biography:

Amy Hunter has had roles on a number of television series and daytime soaps, co-hosted The Comedy Channel's Night After Night, and went on location for ESPN's Women in Sports. Amy was a special guest host on Soul Train, the weekly series where she met her husband, Tony Cornelius, son of creator-producer, Don Cornelius. They had a daughter, Christina Marie, then later divorced. Her theater work includes the starring role as Maria in West Side Story, Beneathea in A Raisin in the Sun, and the green-eyed sister in Words of Women. Amy's twelve years of experience in modeling took her to New York and all over Europe. She also appeared in a number of commercials, including Miller, Chevrolet and Reebok.

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