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Real name: Amelle Berrabah. Biography of Amelle Berrabah & facts: Amelle Berrabah is a Sugababe.


Amelle Berrabah aka Amelle biography

Amelle Berrabah birth name:Amelle Berrabah
Amelle Berrabah birthday1984-04-22
Amelle Berrabah home townAldershot, Hampshire, England.
Amelle Berrabah assetsVoice, Legs.
Amelle Berrabah vicesSmoker,loser men
Amelle Berrabah height158 cm
Amelle Berrabah jobSinger.
Amelle Berrabah hobbies
Amelle Berrabah ethnicity
Amelle Berrabah breast size30
Amelle Berrabah waist size25
Amelle Berrabah hips size33
Amelle Berrabah mottoFor years I've dreamt of breaking into the music business but never did I dream of waking up one day to be the third Sugababe!
Real biography:

Amelle Berrabah is a Sugababe. She officially replaced Sugababes member Mutya Buena on 21 December 2005.

In April 2007, she was arrested over allegations that she beat up an 18 year old girl on the dance floor of some club. She insists the other girls started it.

This was two months after her loser ex-boyfriend Freddie Fuller was arrested for trying to date-rape her younger sister. For some reason she actually got back together with this waste of space after the incident, before finally coming to her senses and leaving his ass. The death threats they got probably helped. In December 2007, Freddie went and got attacked by someone with a machete outside a pub in Aldershot, Hampshire. That resulted in some Christmas Day emergency surgery and Amelle apparently back at his side again.

In January 2008, she was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage. She allegedly attacked a car her home hometown the day before for some reason or other.

Regardless of her issues, Amelle Berrabah is hot and she can sing.

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