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Real name: Amber Rose Tamblyn. Biography of Amber Tamblyn & facts: Contents1 Introduction2 Life.


Amber Rose Tamblyn aka Amber biography

Amber Tamblyn birth name:Amber Rose Tamblyn
Amber Tamblyn birthday1983-05-14
Amber Tamblyn home townSanta Monica, California.
Amber Tamblyn assetsLooks like a high school cheerleader.
Amber Tamblyn vicesArachnophobia
Amber Tamblyn height171 cm
Amber Tamblyn jobActress.
Amber Tamblyn hobbiesFolk, Music, Hypnosis, Poetry.
Amber Tamblyn ethnicity
Amber Tamblyn breast size34
Amber Tamblyn waist size25
Amber Tamblyn hips size34
Amber Tamblyn mottoBritney is the epitome of a non-artist. She has nothing to offer but her T&A.
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Amber Tamblyn was born into an artistic (aka, hippie) family and as soon as she could drive the Volkswagen van, made the six mile drive to Hollywood to begin her acting career. For a hippie, she cleans up well. It's also worth noting that her Thanksgivings are probably really interesting (aka, drug-fueled) as she is the goddaughter of Dean Stockwell, Dennis Hopper, and Neil Young.

Life Story Early life

Amber Tamblyn was born in Santa Monica, California, on May 14, 1983. The daughter of Russ Tamblyn, an actor, dancer, and singer, and Bonnie Murray, a singer, teacher, and artist. Shocker that she went into entertainment. At the age of ten, she played Pippi Longstocking at the Santa Monica Alternative School House; her father's agent, Sharon Debord, was attending as a family friend and ended up convincing her father to allow Amber to go on auditions. This is a long-winded way of saying she was put on the fast track to becoming a sex symbol.

Acting career

Amber was cast as Emily Bowen (later known as Emily Quartermaine) on the soap opera "General Hospital", a role that she played for six years and was viewed by fat housewives everywhere. She appeared in some small films before showing up in the opening scene of the 2002 horror film The Ring, starring then unknown, but super-hot, Naomi Watts. She also made numerous guest spots on television shows, as well as being punk'd by that silly-man Ashton Kutcher on his mindless series, "Punk'd".

Her real break came in 2003, when she was cast as the title role in the series "Joan of Arcadia". That role earned her both a Golden Globe and Emmy nomination in 2004. If she didn't possess a Catholic School Girl sexiness, the sting of the show's cancellation would have been much worse. The roles did lead to more films, however, when she reeled in a part in 2005's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, alongside Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, and Blake Lively. The film was attended in droves by men across the world, only to be disappointed that her pants actually did not 'travel'. She is also participating in a sequel of said film featuring the same cast as of 2007. A now savvy male audience will not be in attendance.Other roles have included her critically acclaimed role of a teenage chick that shoots a baby out of her 'area' in a bathroom in Stephanie Daley. The film also stars Tilda Swinton and Timothy Hutton. The Grudge 2, a sequel to The Grudge for those of you who may have been confused, was Amber's next film. The film, which also stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, was released on October 13, 2006, and debuted in the #1 spot at the North American box office. Up next is Spring Breakdown, also featuring Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch, and Blackout, a thriller, we're guessing.


In the WTF category, Amber has self-published two chapbooks of poetry, "Of the Dawn" and "Plenty of Ships", and has participated in poetry readings at various venues, particularly in California. "The Loneliest", a poem book inspired by Thelonius Monk and his music, was published in 2005 and contains Haiku poetry written by Tamblyn and coupled with collages by George Herms. Only 300 copies of the book were published, which is a big surprise since most dudes love poetry, right?


Amber is a political liberal, in case you didn't figure that out from the poetry references. She has been a vegetarian since 2005, stating that what keeps her from becoming a vegan is her taste for cheese (and that's not a euphemism). In February 2005, she was threatened by a stalker. He pledged to "torture her for a million years" and "drill things into her kneecaps," among other acts of violence. Police were quick to respond with 'it's not even possible to live for a million years, however, that kneecap thing could happen'. A restraining order was issued forbidding the man from coming within 100 yards of her. He is currently building a 101 yard drill.

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