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Real name: Stephanie Draheim. Biography of Allie Sin & facts: Known for her blue eyes, firm body.


Stephanie Draheim aka Allie biography

Allie Sin birth name:Stephanie Draheim
Allie Sin birthday1985-12-26
Allie Sin home townFlorida.
Allie Sin assetsNatural tits.
Allie Sin vicesTattoos
Allie Sin height161 cm
Allie Sin jobPornStar.
Allie Sin hobbies
Allie Sin ethnicityWhite
Allie Sin breast size34
Allie Sin waist size24
Allie Sin hips size32
Allie Sin mottoThe Girl Next Door
Real biography:

Known for her blue eyes, firm body, and tatoos of 3 stars on each side of her stomacha.k.a Gwen, Naughty Nati

Put her porn career on hold, citing "relationship problems" with her boyfriend Jeremiah Ruff (of Phoenix Mourning). Later resumed her porn career in December 2005.

Works as a dancer at Mons Venus in Tampa, Florida.

Does band photography for Phoenix Mourning.

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