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Real name: Alisen Down. Biography of Alisen Down & facts: Alisen Down was born and raised in.


Alisen Down aka Alisen biography

Alisen Down birth name:Alisen Down
Alisen Down birthday1976-01-03
Alisen Down home townLangley, BC.
Alisen Down assetsTalent for playing troubled women.
Alisen Down vicesToo many cats
Alisen Down height173 cm
Alisen Down jobActress.
Alisen Down hobbies
Alisen Down ethnicityWhite
Alisen Down breast size34
Alisen Down waist size25
Alisen Down hips size34
Alisen Down motto'I love my chaps,' Down admits. 'I feel bad because they're leather, but I get into the chaps, and I'm like 'Whooo! I'm a woman now!'
Real biography: Alisen Down was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. After graduating high school, she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, California and from there went to England to study with the British American Academy in Oxford.

She then returned to Vancouver and began pursuing her craft professionally and since has had roles on such Television series as"Cold Squad" for which she won both a Leo and a Gemini award, "The Dead Zone", "Stargate SG-1", and "Smallville", as well as a two year run on "Mysterious Ways" as "Miranda" for NBC and PAX and a two season run on "Da Vinci's Inquest" as "Maria Donato" for CBC.

She has also starred in two MOWs for CTV: "The Life" and "Tripping the Wire." She has had leading roles in the independent feature films "Bad Money" and "Late Night Sessions" and the independent short "The Little Things."

Her selected theatre credits include "Hurley Burley" at the Waterfront Theatre in Vancouver and "Brutality of Fact" and "Rumours", both in Los Angeles. She currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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