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Real name: Ali Sonoma. Biography of Ali Sonoma & facts: IntroductionAli Sonoma has the nickname of.


Ali Sonoma aka Ali biography

Ali Sonoma birth name:Ali Sonoma
Ali Sonoma birthday1984-03-01
NicknameFine Wine Country
Ali Sonoma home townSt. Louis, Missouri.
Ali Sonoma assetsLikes wearing little clothing.
Ali Sonoma vicesWas engaged to a guy who ''might'' have Hep C
Ali Sonoma height171 cm
Ali Sonoma jobActress, model, former ring girl.
Ali Sonoma hobbiesCharity, work.
Ali Sonoma ethnicity
Ali Sonoma breast size34
Ali Sonoma waist size23
Ali Sonoma hips size33
Ali Sonoma mottoI'm just a down-to-earth Midwest girl.
Real biography: Introduction

Ali Sonoma has the nickname of "Fine Wine Country" which is an obvious play on her last name. While this is maybe the least clever nickname anyone has ever had, her "finess" cannot be disputed. In fact, her hotness is the cause of hatred and depression among many of the girls she went to high school with.

Life Story

Ali Sonoma was born on March of 1984 at a hospital in a St. Louis, Missouri. From the age of three she wanted to be in the spotlight. She has a fairly normal childhood and even found time to dance in music videos for hip-hop groups in the St. Louis area. No word if St. Lou native Nelly offered her a job dancing in the video for "Hot in Herre".Ali started modeling, a venture that snagged her a job as a ring girl for the UFC. Probably not-so-coincidentally, Pay-Per-View events for the UFC began to climb after the hot blonde flaunted her assets through the octagon. After tasting the adrenalin of being in the national viewing public's eye - or at least in the Spike TV viewers' eye - Ali decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream: acting. She's hosting a reality show in 2008 and it's rumored she has films coming out soon. We're praying they gravitate more towards the 'late night' genre. Okay, fine, we hope it's porn. There we said it.Ali is said to be a down-to-earth girl who is passionate, values loyalty, and is full of energy. On her myspace page, she states that she "loves the spontaneity of her job(s)". What could be more spontaneous than porn?

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