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Real name: Alena Seredova. Biography of Alena Seredova & facts: Image:Cover cal b 645.jpg Image.


Alena Seredova aka Alena biography

Alena Seredova birth name:Alena Seredova
Alena Seredova birthday1978-03-21
Alena Seredova home townPrague, Czech Republic.
Alena Seredova assetsThe second hottest body to come out of the Czech republic (after Kyla Cole), Seems to want nothing to do with America or American.
Alena Seredova vicesSeems to want nothing to do with America or American
Alena Seredova height194 cm
Alena Seredova jobModel, actress.
Alena Seredova hobbiesWatching, soccer, playing, cards, just, like, a, guy, finally....
Alena Seredova ethnicity
Alena Seredova breast size34
Alena Seredova waist size23
Alena Seredova hips size33
Alena Seredova motto
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Alena Seredova is a monster of a beauty. Standing six feet tall she makes grown men quiver at her statue-esque physique. She is a Vice Miss Czech Republic winner turned TV and movie actress. She has starred in the Italian films Ho visto le Stelle and Christmas in Love.

Life Story

Alena was born on March 21, 1978, in Prague, Czech Republic. Her modeling career started at the age of 15. Five years later, she was named Miss Czech Republic. This launched Alena’s international modeling career and opened the door for her to act as cohost for Italian comedian Giorgio Panariello in 2002. Her successful turn on this show enabled her to act as cohost on a few other shows in Italy.

Once the Italian people got a look at Alena’s amazing body they begged for more. This led to Alena cohosting many other European TV shows. Soon she was offered a large role in the film Ho visto le Stelle and the rest is history.

Alena is currently engaged to Gianluigi Buffon, the world renowned soccer player.

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