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Real name: Aisha N. Tyler. Biography of Aisha Tyler & facts: Actress, Comedienne, Author, TV host.


Aisha N. Tyler aka Aisha biography

Aisha Tyler birth name:Aisha N. Tyler
Aisha Tyler birthday1970-09-18
NicknameBig Girl
Aisha Tyler home townSan Francisco, CA.
Aisha Tyler assetsFunny, smart, tall.
Aisha Tyler vicescigarettes
Aisha Tyler height183 cm
Aisha Tyler jobActress, Author, Comedian.
Aisha Tyler hobbiesBeer, drinking, it, and, brewing, it.
Aisha Tyler ethnicityBlack
Aisha Tyler breast size34
Aisha Tyler waist size25
Aisha Tyler hips size36
Aisha Tyler mottoAm I going to complain about being typecast as smart? I don't think so
Real biography: Actress, Comedienne, Author, TV host, and now you can add director to that list. Aisha Tyler is currently preparing to direct her first movie from a screenplay she wrote.

Life Story

Born in San Francisco, California, she attended theater classes and pursued an early interest in comedy during high school. She attended Dartmouth College where she earned a degree in government with a minor in environmental policy and co-founded the all-female a cappella group, The Dartmouth Rockapellas.<br.

In 2001 she gained recognition as the host of “Talk Soup”, but has since found success as an actress. Her list of credits include: “Friends” (Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox) “The Ghost Whisperer” (Jennifer Love Hewitt), The Santa Clause 2: Clause Harder (Elizabeth Mitchell), The Santa Clause 3: the Escape Clause (Ann Margret), Meet Market (Krista Allen, Elizabeth Berkley), .45 (Milla Jovovich), and Balls of Fury (Maggie Q).

Her book Swerve: Reckless Observations of a Postmodern Girl was published in 2004 and she has written for magazines like Glamour, Oprah, Jane and Movieline. She also filled in for an ailing Roger Ebert on “Ebert and Roper at the Movies”.

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