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Real name: Ainett Stephens. Biography of Ainett Stephens & facts: Ainett Stephens was born January.


Ainett Stephens aka Ainett biography

Ainett Stephens birth name:Ainett Stephens
Ainett Stephens birthday1982-10-28
NicknameBlack Cat
Ainett Stephens home townCaracas, Venezuela.
Ainett Stephens assets
Ainett Stephens vices
Ainett Stephens height183 cm
Ainett Stephens jobShowgirl, Model.
Ainett Stephens hobbies
Ainett Stephens ethnicityLatino
Ainett Stephens breast size36
Ainett Stephens waist size25
Ainett Stephens hips size35
Ainett Stephens mottoOne-night stands are not for me
Real biography:

Ainett Stephens was born January 28, 1982, in Caracas, Venezuela, a stunning colonial city surrounded by lushly forested mountains. A gorgeous attraction in her own right, Ainett began modeling in her teens and in 2000 she was named Miss Bolivar.

Ainett Stephens’ well-deserved victory earned her an invitation to compete at that year’s prestigious Miss Venezuela competition where she finished in fourth place to Miss Apure, Eva Ekvall. Although she was disappointed with the result, Ainett’s bubbly personality left a lasting impression on everyone who came into contact with her and she was named Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants.

The exposure from the event helped Ainett Stephens launch her professional modeling career and she promptly appeared in her very own sexy calendar, the revenues from which she donated to the indigenous people of the Amazon. Ainett’s startling success convinced her she could achieve fame on an even grander stage and she packed her bags in 2004 to travel to Italy, in part to further her career, but also to study journalism at the Catholic University of Milan.

Since arriving in Italy, Ainett has appeared in a number of high-profile campaigns for international brands like Coconuda, Donna Oro, Extrem shoes, K & Bros and Roberto Giannotti Jewels, and her gorgeous face has graced the covers of glossy publications such as Fox and Matrix.

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