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Real name: Aimee. Biography of Aimee Sweet & facts: Rhonde Island-born Aimee Sweet began performing.


Aimee aka Aimee biography

Aimee Sweet birth name:Aimee
Aimee Sweet birthday1977-05-14
Aimee Sweet home townProvidence, Rhode Island.
Aimee Sweet assets
Aimee Sweet vices
Aimee Sweet height173 cm
Aimee Sweet jobNude Model.
Aimee Sweet hobbies
Aimee Sweet ethnicityWhite
Aimee Sweet breast size36
Aimee Sweet waist size24
Aimee Sweet hips size34
Aimee Sweet mottoI developed a taste for performing at a young age
Real biography: Rhonde Island-born Aimee Sweet began performing at age six, acting and singing in school plays. A few years after graduating from high school she moved to southern California. One day she accompanied a friend who was hoping to get a job modeling at the studio of photographer Suze Randall, but when Randall saw Sweet's fresh All-American look, she chose her instead. She began modeling for Randall, and soon afterwards was chosen for a centerfold spread in "Penthouse" magazine, and that led to jobs in scores of men's magazines. She moved to Milan, Italy, in 1999 as a high-fashion model for the famous Elite Agency. Upon returning to the U.S. several months later, she started her own business and launched her own website. She still models for various lingerie companies, calendars, etc., and has made numerous appearances on television.

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