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Real name: Abigail Evelyn Titmuss. Biography of Abi Titmuss & facts: Abi Titmuss lost her job as a.


Abigail Evelyn Titmuss aka Abi biography

Abi Titmuss birth name:Abigail Evelyn Titmuss
Abi Titmuss birthday1976-02-08
Abi Titmuss home townRiskington, Lincolnshire, England.
Abi Titmuss assetsAffliction for recording menage a trois.
Abi Titmuss vicesBeing a whore
Abi Titmuss height166 cm
Abi Titmuss jobModel, Actress.
Abi Titmuss hobbies
Abi Titmuss ethnicityWhite
Abi Titmuss breast size32
Abi Titmuss waist size28
Abi Titmuss hips size34
Abi Titmuss mottoI'm an angel in the courtroom and a whore in the bedroom.
Real biography: Abi Titmuss lost her job as a nurse when a sex tape surfaced of a threesome with an accused cocaine-addicted rapist, John Leslie, and decided to use her new found "fame" to start a glamour career.

Life Story

Born to two teachers, Titmuss seemed to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a nurse she was sexually harrassed by her boss, the senior house officer, Dr. Shibley Rahman when he confronted her while she showered. She would later win a lawsuit against the hospital to noone's surprise. Then she gets caught in a couple of sex tapes with an accused rapist and that seemed to bother people. What is a girl to do? Become a presenter on a pornographic TV channel, author an erotic novel, become a British pin-up girl, and self pronounced sex kitten, of course.


She is living it up.

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