What is theranostics definition
Definition of Theranostics: meaning combining therapy and diagnosis into a single procedure or.


Theranostics definition

What THERANOSTICS means: The relatively experimental science of combining therapy and diagnosis into a single procedure or molecule. Towards this end, bioengineers are building multi-functional nanoparticles that can be introduced into a patient, find the site of disease, diagnose the condition, and deliver the appropriate, personalized therapy.

Definition Telehealth:
Dictionary The use of communications technologies to provide and support health care at a distance theranostics definition.
Definition Tissue Engineering:
Dictionary An interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary field that aims at the development of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve tissue function theranostics explain.
Definition Tesla:
Dictionary An international unit to describe the strength of a magnetic field theranostics what is.
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Meaning of Theranostics define:

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