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Definition of Structural Biology: meaning biomolecules like proteins and nucleic acids, how the.


Structural Biology definition

What STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY means: The study of the structure of large biomolecules like proteins and nucleic acids, how the structure relates to the function of the molecule, and how alterations in structure affect function. Various methods such as crystallography are used to gain information about the structure of a molecule. This information is often analyzed with bioinformatics techniques to obtain or solve the structure of the molecule.

Definition Stem Cell:
Dictionary cell of a multicellular organism that is capable of giving rise to more of the same cell type indefinitely, and has the ability to differentiate into many other types of cells that form the structural biology.
Definition Scaffold:
Dictionary A structure of artificial or natural materials on which tissue is grown to mimic a biological process outside the body or to replace a disease or damaged tissue inside the body structural biology.
Definition Synchrotron:
Dictionary facility/device that accelerates sub-atomic particles in a magnetic field in a circular path that generates electromagnetic radiation with a defined exit (beam line). One type of synchrotron (a structural biology.
Definition Sensors:
Dictionary biotechnology, sensors are tools that detect specific biological, chemical, or physical processes and then transmit or report this data. Some sensors work outside the body while others are designed structural biology.
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