What is cell stem definition
Definition of Stem Cell: meaning multicellular organism that is capable of giving rise to more of.


Stem Cell definition

What STEM CELL means: An undifferentiated cell of a multicellular organism that is capable of giving rise to more of the same cell type indefinitely, and has the ability to differentiate into many other types of cells that form the structures of the body.

Definition Synchrotron:
Dictionary facility/device that accelerates sub-atomic particles in a magnetic field in a circular path that generates electromagnetic radiation with a defined exit (beam line). One type of synchrotron (a stem cell definition.
Definition Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM):
Dictionary high resolution microscopy designed to capture extremely clear images of cells and molecules, even when they are moving quickly. The sophisticated technique uses a number of filters and other light stem cell explain.
Definition Sensors:
Dictionary biotechnology, sensors are tools that detect specific biological, chemical, or physical processes and then transmit or report this data. Some sensors work outside the body while others are designed stem cell what is.
Definition Spectroscopy:
Dictionary the branch of science concerned with the investigation and measurement of spectra produced when matter interacts with or emits electromagnetic radiation stem cell meaning.
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Meaning of Cell Stem define:

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