What is elastography definition
Definition of Elastography: meaning measures the elasticity or stiffness of a tissue. The technique.


Elastography definition

What ELASTOGRAPHY means: A medical imaging technique that measures the elasticity or stiffness of a tissue. The technique captures snapshots of shear waves, a special type of sound wave, as they move through the tissue. The stiffness of the tissue gives information about the possible presence of disease. For example tumors are harder than the surrounding normal tissue and disease livers are stiffer than healthy ones.

Definition Electroporation:
Dictionary external electrical field to increase the permeability of the cell membrane. It is usually used in molecular biology as a way of introducing some substance into a cell such as a drug, protein, or elastography definition.
Definition Electroencephalography (EEG):
Dictionary electrical activity along the scalp resulting from current flowing within the neurons of the brain. EEG can be used to diagnose epilepsy and other disorders associated with altered brain electrical elastography explain.
Definition Electromagnetic Radiation:
Dictionary including visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, and x-rays, in which electric and magnetic fields vary simultaneously. The different forms are differentiated by their wavelength and energy. For elastography what is.
Definition Endoscope:
Dictionary flexible or rigid tube-like optical system used to examine the interior of a hollow organ or body cavity by direct insertion. Instruments can be attached for biopsy and surgery. Similar technology is elastography meaning.
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Meaning of Elastography define:

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