What is bioengineering definition
Definition of Bioengineering: meaning of engineering, biology, medicine, physiology, physics.


Bioengineering definition

What BIOENGINEERING means: The application of concepts and methods of engineering, biology, medicine, physiology, physics, materials science, chemistry, mathematics and computer sciences to develop methods and technologies to solve health problems in humans.

Definition Biomaterial:
Dictionary or construct that interacts with biological systems. Biomaterials can be derived from nature or synthesized in the laboratory using metallic components, polymers , ceramics, or composite materials bioengineering.
Definition Biomimetics:
Dictionary Using biological form and function seen in nature to inspire the design of solutions to engineering problems bioengineering.
Definition Biocompatibility:
Dictionary biomaterial interacts in the body with the surrounding cells, tissues and other factors. A biomaterial is considered to have good biocompatibility if it does not generate a vigorous immune response bioengineering.
Definition Bioinformatics:
Dictionary biology that is concerned with the acquisition, storage, display and analysis of biological information. Analysis of biological information includes statistical and computational methods to model bioengineering.
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