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  • What is Transportation Expenses Definition of Transportation expenses for an employee or self-employed taxpayer include only the cost of transportation incurred in the course of
  • What is Medical Expenses Definition of Qualified medical expenses of an individual, spouse, and dependents are allowed as an itemized deduction to the extent that such amounts
  • What is Gain Definition of The excess of the amount realized from a sale or exchange over the adjusted basis of the property sold or exchanged
  • What is Automobile Expenses Definition of Taxpayers can deduct automobile expenses only to the extent the automobile is used for business, for charitable purposes, for moving

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  • Explain key combination Definition When two or more key are pressed simultaneously, as in Ctrl + Scroll Lock or Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Explain logical drives Definition Disk drives, created in an extended DOS partition, that do not physically exist, but DOS thinks they do
  • Explain device driver Definition A special program that must be loaded to use a device. It adds extra capability to DOS. Also known as an interrupt handler
  • Explain device Definition Any internal or external piece of peripheral hardware