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  • What is Energy Tax Credit--Business Property Definition of An energy tax credit allowed for the purchase of certain business-use property utilizing solar, geothermal, or biomass energy. New
  • What is Tax Bracket Definition of The rate at which income at a particular level is taxed
  • What is Exchange Definition of A transfer of property for other property or services. Some exchanges produce currently taxable income while others can be structured so as
  • What is Refund Feature Definition of An annuity has a refund feature if the annuitant and/or his or her survivors are guaranteed to receive an amount under the annuity at least

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  • Explain SYS\. CONFIG Definition An ASCII text file containing system configuration commands, which are files that your computer needs in order to initialize itself when
  • Explain mechanizm attribute Definition A bit in a file specification used to indicate whether the file in question contains special system information
  • Explain interrupt Definition A signal sent to the computer from a hardware device, indicating a request for service or support from the system
  • Explain reverse film Definition The effect of reversing the foreground and background colors for certain characters on screen in order to make then noticeable