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  • What is Special Needs Child Definition of For the adoption credit, a child determined by the state to be difficult to adopt due to factors such as racial or ethnic background, age
  • What is Roth IRA Definition of Contributions to Roth IRAs, which were introduced in 1998, are not deductible. Earnings grow tax free and qualified withdrawals are also
  • What is Cost Method of Inventory Valuation Definition of Valuing inventory purchased during the year at cost; that is, the invoice price less any discounts plus transportation or other costs
  • What is Itemized Deductions Definition of Certain personal expenditures allowed by the tax Code as deductions from adjusted gross income. Examples are certain medical expenses

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  • Explain DOS Definition Disk Operating System. The main disk and file management software that facilitates computer/user interaction
  • Explain head Definition A disk-drive mechanism that reads data from and writes data to the disk
  • Explain protected mode Definition The principal hardware facility of 80286, 80386, and 80486 processor chips that support multitasking, process protection, and advanced
  • Explain scan code Definition The hardware code representing a key pressed on a keyboard. Converted by a keyboard driver into an ASCII code for use by DOS and